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In Memory of Blaine

Blaine and Lindsay laid claim to our blue fawn baby boy the night after he was born...Colt's little "Mini Me."  They named him Dino and we immediately started making plans for his trip home to California. They bought Zoe (in photos) from us in late fall of 2012 and our daughter, Janssen, flew out with her.  She was planning to do the same again.


Janssen and Dino's tickets were purchased for November 7th, 2013. Blaine and Lindsay were counting the days until their new baby would be home. Lindsay said every Thursday Blaine would note the number of weeks left before the big day.


On Sunday, October 20th Blaine had a motorcycle accident and sustained injuries from which he was not able to recover. He passed away on Sunday, November 3rd with Lindsay, family, and friends by his side.  And with special permission, Jake and Zoe were allowed to be there as well. 

We forged a valued friendship with this couple based on the love of this wonderful breed. Blaine's whole world revolved around his baby, Lindsay, and their beloved bulldogges, Jake and Zoe.  Our hearts are broken and hurt for Lindsay beyond measure.

The last text I received from Blaine read simply, "What's my boy doing?" 


We miss you friend...


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